Valentine’s Day Farmhouse Inspired Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is two weeks from today. If you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife that loves the farmhouse style then this gift guide is perfect for you (and it’s all on amazon so you can get it in plenty of time for the big day).

I recently joined this group on Facebook called White Walls and it’s for military spouses to post about all their design and decor in their homes. First of all, it’s freaking amazing. Everyone’s homes on there are beautiful. If you are a milspouse you should definitely join it! Second of all, who doesn’t love Fixer Upper and farmhouse style?

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1. Rustic Chalk Board – This little command center is perfect for notes in the kitchen or for hanging your keys by the front door.

2. Galvanized Tiered Cake Stand – The tiers on this cake stand are perfect for decking out your coffee or hot cocoa bar. It also makes a cute centerpiece on the dining room table.

3. Faux Boxwood Wreath – I got a real one from Trader Joe’s for Christmas time, but a faux one would last much longer and I like how these look better than the magnolia leaf ones! #donttelljoanna

4. Rustic Blanket Ladder – Blanket ladders are very farmhouse chic. Just fold up your blankets and throw them over this to display them easily and stylishly.

5. Bubble Glass Vase – I have a love for glassware so this vase’s shape is to die for. It also goes perfectly with the next item on the list.

6. Faux Cotton Stems – Very farmhouse-chic. You need some of these to put in the bubble vase above or to put in practically any vase. They will look good pretty much anywhere.

Whether you watch Fixer Upper or not, farmhouse style is basically everywhere. Get your gal something off this list for Valentine’s day and I bet she will love it better than any of the typical V-day gifts (i.e. perfume).

Comment below your favorite farmhouse inspired item you’d love to get!

  • Ahhh I love all these things!! I want them all in my house…. lol

    • Thanks Jane! I wish my house was decked out with them too.

  • All these pieces would look really great together! You have good taste! I’m not too into the farm house look, but have been dying for a latter to lean against the wall of my apartment that I could hang blankets on. Adding that to the “someday” pinterest board for my future home haha.

    • My mom uses a ladder for blankets in her house and I love it. I’ll be needing for mine too! Thank you Kelsey.