Refashioned Scarf from Bridesmaid Dress

Its really starting to get cold and what better way to welcome winter weather than with with a new refashioned scarf. Scarves are all the rage right now, especially infinity scarves. I wore this dress to my friends wedding but it was a little see through, so I realized I wouldn’t really wear it again as a dress.  The dress was made of this perfect minty blue lace I just had to reuse, I couldn’t let it go to waste.





-Old dress. I choose this lace bridesmaids dress.

-Sewing machine

-Matching thread




First, pin the liner to the lace wherever you choose. I wanted to leave the trim unlined so I pinned it accordingly. You can see in the final project how the trim sticks out.

Once pinned, sew it down.


Second, cut the top of the dress off. In this dress’ case there was an elastic waistband, so I cut above it.


Third, serge or sew the end you just cut. In my case I folded it over twice and sewed it down, but serging the end would work well too.


Enjoy your new infinity scarf!


This light mint blue looks great on black!


I love how the lace edge sticks out on the edge!


Anybody up for a refashioned scarf?


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Have any old dresses hanging around you want to make into a scarf? This is the easiest refashion I can think of!

  • Antonette Martinez

    I love this!! Too bad you didn’t have two dresses cuzsI’d sure like a scarf like this!! Hehe

    • lindsayscalco

      Thanks Anto! I’m sure I could find a lace dress at the thrift store!