The Perfect Dress for a Summer Wedding + Simplicity 1419

Guys, I got a new sewing machine. It’s basically the best thing ever and it did a B.A. job on this amazing dress that I plan to wear to a wedding in a few weeks. I used a pattern that I’ve used before with a few changes and I think its the perfect summer wedding dress.

If you remember the Gingham dress of my dreams, you’ll remember that it’s basically my favorite dress pattern of all time and I will probably be making more of Simplicity 1419 at sometime.

Some of the changes I made include ditching the sleeves and the button close on the top.  The gingham dress I did before had both of these and they were easy changes to skip this time. I even ventured out to make my own bias tape to line the sleeve openings  (it’s easy than you think).

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It’s been awhile since I got any sewing done because I started looking for a new machines. I’ve had old faithful since high school and it was definitely time for an upgrade. My new machine works about 10x better than my old one and it made sewing this dress a breeze. Having the right tools for a project make projects SO much easier. I also used a rotary cutter and mat to cut our the fabric instead of the usual scissors and it cut the time in half! HA.

This was also the first time I went somewhere to take pictures of a finished project, of myself. It is super pretty this summer in Spokane and there’s SO much water! I love all the lakes and rivers around here.

The pattern is Simplicity Lisettte 1419 and the fabric is by Gertie. Both of which are from Joanns! I think I’ll be going back for more of this gorgeous fabric. It also comes in a really pretty pink.

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Do you have a go-to summer wedding dress?

  • Adree Na

    Looks very cute on you and it’s a nice energetic color! 🙂

  • Tiffany Stein Staples

    What a beautiful dress! You did a great job sewing it!
    Tiffany Staples

  • Melissa Taggart

    What a great dress. I love it!

  • Jennifer Connors

    Love the color! It is so flattering on you.

  • Amanda J. Kolar Blouch

    You made that dress? Wow!!! Awesome job!!