Not Sew Fun – McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress

My last project was literally made out of an old lady tablecloth, but this one kinda looks like it was made out of one too. I made this wrap dress with some thrifted fabric but unfortunately it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted. I’m thinking I might try again with my tried and true pattern, Lisette 1419, seen here and here. The fit and style of that dress is my favorite I’ve ever sewn!

The pattern I used doesn’t fit me well and I am still new at making adjustments. I took in what felt like tons of fabric by making extra darts but it was still too large in the chest. I read about making bust adjustments and took in a ton of fabric but the neckline still would not lay flat!

Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress

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My new machine is cranking out projects. I love experimenting with all of the features including making my first buttonholes. This dress calls for one button hole and my new machine made it perfectly! I have honestly never done a project that included buttonholes and man have I been missing out. My new Bernette makes it so easy! I have barely scratched the surface of things this machine can do, but for this project I tried out buttonholes.

McCall’s 7185 also includes a slimmer fitting wrap dress in the pattern that I might try, if I can get the chest adjusted to my size. The three quarter length sleeve option would be cuter and make a fabric like this look less old lady like, but hey I do love old lady things.
Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress Not Sew Fun - McCalls 7185 Wrap Dress

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Thrifting fabric is the best way for me to keep sewing on a budget! I got close to 9 yards of this fabric for $10! Yep $10 total. Someone was selling their stash at a yard sale a few years ago and I have been holding on to it since.

Although it didn’t turn out how I was expecting (not every project can be a total score!) it was a learning experience. Tell me your sewing fails below!

  • You still look cute, even if you felt it wasn’t SEW great! 🙂

  • Nothing “old lady” about that fabric. I like it! (Oh wait! Maybe that makes me an old lady. Gah!) Anyway, other than the bust darts being too high, it looks like a great fit.

  • Kristal Xavier

    The dress is young and sassy. I love the way it fits you. It look likes something you can keep up at a store.

    • Thank you, you don’t think its even a tad bit old lady like 😛 ?

  • The first time I used an auto button hole maker, I wondered why I had been so scared of buttonholes before. The newer machines do make it much easier!

  • Marquise Electrique

    I am on a wrap dress nightmare of my own so I feel you ! I imagined a graceful draping, revealing but not too much and well… not really what I came up with in the end ! I was told the hard part is the bias cut of the “décolté” pattern piece, hard to make it fit in the right places…

    • Atleast I am not the only one! Do you know how I can fix it, make it lay flat on the chest?