The New Lindsay Baker Co.

The Crafty Disaster is no more. But don’t be sad friends, be happy! It was time for a change for my blog. I have put a ton of time into the changes and I hope you are going to love the new Lindsay Baker Co. as much as I do.

But Why?

It all started with my new sewing projects. I making some awesome new clothing and it got me thinking about my personal brand. Until now, I have been a selfish sewer (just sewing for myself) but as I start sewing for other people, I want to put my personal *brand* out there. The Crafty Disaster  just isn’t something I want to be putting on my handmade items!

So the Crafty Disaster got an over haul! Lindsay Baker Co. is the new name of this blog, but trust me, it’s still going to have Crafty Disaster projects on here. So don’t leave friends! I also signed up for a 100 days of blogging challenge so there’s going to be a ton of new content popping up in the next few months.


The name is changing which means there will be some different content too. Aside from the sewing and crafts, there will be a little more lifestyle/travel posts sprinkled in. I love sharing about our adventures as a married couple and I get questions all. the. time. So hopefully there will be a little more details for you to enjoy on the new Lindsay Baker Co.

It’s going to take a little while for everything to be completely changed over. So you might see little blurbs here and there that still say the Crafty Disaster on them, but I promise, I’m working on them!

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What’s your all time favorite Crafty Disaster project?

  • Margie Martinez

    I will hang in there with you, definitely,,,,,,