My Two Favorite Ways to Document Our Travels

I’m all about taking lots of photos and documenting just about everything we do together as a married couple, its twice the fun. As a kid I loved looking through my parent’s photo albums. So I have put some serious thought into how I want to document our travels for future generations, and let me tell you, I found the perfect ways to do it.


My mom has shoeboxes upon shoeboxes of photos, which will takes ages to organize into albums (sorry mom). So I am determined to not do that. My friend Mary introduced me to photobooks and they are basically the best thing ever. I want to make one for each of our trips instead of printing out a bunch of photos. So far, for traveling, I’ve made one for our honeymoon. But I’ve got one in the works for everything we did the first year of our marriage. I love how they turn out and they are really affordable.

Customized Globe

My second way to document our travels is this cute globe. I came across this globe on clearance at Marshall’s and customized it with some vinyl I cut on my cricut. Then I picked up some stick-on gems from the craft store to mark all of the places we have travelled together. There’s a different color gem for places we have lived too. It was super easy to make and is an easy way to document our travels. We are getting ready to add a few more gems in 2017.

Do you love photobooks too or do you have a map on the wall you use to document your travels? Leave me a comment below of your favorite way to preserve these memories!

  • kate at munich

    I love the globe! And I am also a fan of photobooks. On a trip I find it easy to take hundreds of photos and even the best of selection is too much for most walls. A photobook allows to show them all and to tell a story!

    • Thank you Kate! I totally agree. I take a ton of photos and I’ve found that photobooks are they best for displaying them for me.