The Gingham Dress of My Dreams

This gingham dress, it really is the handmade dress of my dreams. It is by far my favorite project I have ever sewn. I know, I know. Every new post I say is my new favorite project, but GUYS I really mean it this time! This dress is my favorite sewing project to date.

I talked about my sewing skills and how I have been wanting to improve them in this post where I started out with two easier patterns. So I picked out a more difficult dress pattern this time around. I also scored this purple gingham fabric for $5 that I thought would make a cute Spring dress (7 1/2 yards for $5, that’s unheard of!). A pattern like gingham is harder to work with because you have to match stripes at the seams! I used Simplicity’s Lisette Pattern 1419 for the project and love the fit of the dress. I see myself making a few more dresses from this pattern in the future!

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Gingham for Spring

I am loving  all things gingham. You can shop similar outfits below:

What I Learned From this Project:

Invisible zipper foot.  I tried to wing it with this invisible zipper shenanigans which didn’t really work out how they were supposed to. Since I picked out a matching zipper, it’s okay with me that it shows but next time, I need to invest in an invisible zipper foot.

Pattern Matching. The gingham has to match! That seam ripper is really my best friend. I unpicked the waist band, the zipper, and the hem each one time (that’s a lot!) because it was a bit askew. I wanted it to look good and it was totally worth the un-picking to go back and make it match.

Blind Hem. First I top stitched the hem and it looked terrible. So I researched hems and settled on a machine stitched blind hem. After serging the raw edge (with my lovely serger) ironed my hem and used the machine’s setting for a blind hem. It turned out really good and I will definitely be hemming projects like this again.

This dress is the hardest sewing project I’ve done but it fits so well and turned out so good. I have a bunch of fabric left, I am debating making a gingham shirt or skirt too. I’d love to know your favorite pattern, leave me a comment below of what I should try next!

  • Brewing Up Style

    Wow! I’m so impressed! Gingham is so popular right now and this dress is so cute. I love that you linked to buyable products similar to what you did. 🙂

    – Katie

  • That looks absolutely fabulous on you! I will take one in size…well, maybe I better message you privately with that information haha!

  • This is so pretty, I’m very impressed you made this dress yourself – I can barely sew buttons back on! Love the colour of the gingham too, very on trend 🙂

    • Thank you! I am still learning but its fun when it turns out great.

  • Saccharine Soul

    This is such a lovely dress for spring!

  • Kay

    This is so cute!!! –

  • Queen of Rods

    You did a great job matching the pattern on every seam…and the fit is perfect. The hem looks great too! Best of all was the fabric price. Wow 🙂

  • Kathleen Flynn McCulloch

    Very nice Lindsay. I love gingham!

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Yag Dalal

    I’ve been overwhelmed with the Gigham trend but honestly this dress stands out and the colour is so flattering for your skin <3