The Crafty Disaster’s First Youtube Video + Restyling Exchange 2017

I’ve been spending this week working on my first Youtube video. Since I’ve loved watching refashions on Youtube, I thought it was about time I hunkered down and made one myself. It took quite a bit of editing, a ton of laughing, and nearly two hours of video to put together this 4.5 minute video but it’s ready to go!

Watch the video and tell me what you think, either in the comments here or the comment section of Youtube. I hope you love it as much as I do.


I came across the Restyling Exchange on Instagram and joined it. It’s basically a big refashion swap. We all sent an article or two of clothing from our refashioning piles to someone else to be worked on and sent back to us.

I sent a dress to someone in Rhode Island and received this flannel shirt from someone in Florida. Its a really cool project and I’m interested to see what I get back! Check back in a few weeks and I’ll share what I received.

The first few renditions of the video didn’t work out. It was weird talking to the camera, but it was hilarious for my husband and I to watch and re-watch over and over again. I hadn’t really thought about how much work goes into recording a video, editing a video, and posting it to Youtube, but GUYS it a lot. I have a new appreciation for all my favorite Youtubers out there!

Here is a before and after picture of the final project!

You can find a similar project I recently finished here.

  • Mariana

    Oooh! That is soooo cute!
    I’m totally not a crafter, let alone a seamstress, so I always admire folks who can do this kind of thing 🙂

    Great work!

  • Tiffany Meiter

    That’s amazing that you can come up with new designs!

  • What a fun idea. I love how the shirt turned out! I can’t wait to see what you get back. Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday blog hop.

  • Oh! I am exactly at the same point as you!! I started with my youtube channel one month ago, and for the first video I was editing for 1 week!! I didn’t know how to do anything!! But for the 4th, I’ve been able to finish the edition in (only) 3 hours. Congratulations for your restyling (again)!!

  • This is such an awesome idea! I love how they sent you back something that is totally in style!! 🙌🏼

  • Tanya Bricking Leach

    Your restyled top is really cute.

  • Enjoy your DIY restyling and video filming!

  • Carly Ned

    That top looks so amazing now! Awesome job.

  • Maison Lalopa

    Wow! This is quite impressive!