Five Sewing Bloggers You Need to Be Following on Instagram

These are five of my favorite sewing bloggers and vloggers  you need to be following on Instagram. Their profiles are overflowing with information and inspiration for all kinds of different sewing projects.

All of these pictures are directly from their respective  Instagrams. In no particular order:

Hello Allie J – Allie Jackson

I love this blogger’s vintage style. She has made so many vintage dresses that I love. I’m an old lady at heart and her taste for vintage inspired fabrics and styles makes me happy! Fit and flare dresses are also my favorite sews for myself and she sews a lot of fit and flare dresses to inspire me.

My favorite project of hers has to be her handmade, blush pink wedding gown! Literally, to die for. I also love the Simplicity 4468 dress she sewed with the pink Gertie fabric that matches the blue fabric I sewed in this dress.

Follow Allie on Insta Here and her blog here.

Emily Hallman Designs– Emily Hallman

I love this Instagram account. It is FULL of amazing sews. I’d consider Emily an expert seamstress or whatever is above that because her sewing skills are AMAZING. Everything she does has the closest attention to detail and her closet is TO DIE FOR. All of her handmade goodies are made with such quality and precision that I am inspired every time she posts about new projects.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite project of hers. Go scroll through her Instagram and you will see what I mean. Her midi skirts are always stunning as is everything else she sews. She did an Instagram stories’ video of her closet and I will forever have closet envy because of it.

Follow Emily on Insta Here and her blog here.

Sew Over It London – Lisa Comfort

This is a sewing vlogger I love to watch on Youtube and then followed on Instagram. She is such a #GIRLBOSS. Not only do I love her sewing projects, but I love how she started her own sewing business. Her business has sewing classes in London and offered classes online.

My favorite projects of her’s have to be some of the dresses she vlogs about. She has made so many projects it’s hard to just pick one! She uses lots of quality floral fabrics that I love, floral is always a favorite of mine I know you will love it too.

Elsie making friends with the gang 😊

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Follow Lisa on Insta Here and Youtube Here.

Crafty Pinup & My Retro Closet – Abi

This another sewing vlogger  that is sew fun. She is full of colorful retro inspiration. I love watching vlogs of her monthly sew and tells. She also designs, sews, and sells lingerie for My Retro Closet. You need to check out both of her insta accounts. I love the retro vibes and all the colors, she is definitely not afraid of color!

My all time favorite projects of hers are this beautiful floral dress that is actually a Sew Over It pattern. She sews classy retro projects that I’d 100% wear.

Her Retro closet page gives me heart eyes and hope that maybe one day I will sew undergarments!

Follow her on Insta Here and Youtube Here.

Sarah Tyau 

This blogger/vlogger is a lady after my own heart. Her refashions have inspired me since she competed in the Refashion Runway challenge (and won!). She recently jumped into Youtube and has been making the coolest refashion videos.

Some of her projects that are my favorites are her refashions from a few years ago but I  love her more recent work too! Can’t go wrong with polka dots and gingham.

When I turned this thrifted dress into an origami peplum dress. A refashion from back in 2012! To see the tutorial, link in bio. . . Also, thank you so much for 100k! I gained 30k in 2 days when @people featured me, it was insane! If you scroll through their feed, you'll see Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Gardner, Tiger Woods, and then… me. People must have been thinking, "Wait, who the heck is this girl? I don't know who she is, she's not a celebrity!"😂 My husband asked me today if I was going to get those gold balloons with 100 and do a cute photoshoot. He said it with all the sarcasm because that's not me at all. I mean, have you seen my YouTube videos? They're always taken in front of my garage, I don't got time to go to another location and do a fancy photoshoot, nor do I want to spend time putting on fancy makeup(fancy makeup to me is anything that takes longer than my 45 second makeup routine) which is why I have my huge sunglasses on! Because all I need to do is put on lipstick.😉 Hopefully in the future when I have more time I can be more professional. . . But I feel this milestone is all about you and not about me, so let's celebrate YOU! I'd love to contact some of your favorite brands to do a big giveaway for you, who are some of your favorite brands I should reach out to? Link to them in the comments and I will reach out to them to see if they will giveaway your favorite products!

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Need a 4th of July fashion inspiration?🇱🇷🇱🇷 Maybe you have a red or blue gingham shirt in your closet? . . This DIY was so close to being a fail. The before photo was 3 yrs. ago and my girl has grown a lot since then, so when I put the shirt on her, it wasn't that big on her with only one inch extra to cut on each side. I needed a lot more fabric than that in order to gather the bottom for the peplum design so I almost called it quits when I thought, "Oh, maybe I can use the extra fabric I have left from the sleeves to sew it on the sides to make it wider!" And it ended up working out perfectly. Whew! . . See the whole process, when I almost gave up on it(you'll hear my whole thought process since it was while filming😄), mistakes I made and the bloopers, link in my bio! Would you wear this for the 4th of July?

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Follow her on Insta Here and Youtube Here.

Are there favorites I’m missing out on? Please share your favorite sewing Instagrams with me in the comments below!

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  • Great recs! I love how many vintage gals do their own sewing…it definitely inspires me to figure it out myself!

    xo Penny

  • robbie doyle

    Thanks for sharing, I love to sew! I loving following people that share the same interest, and I can learn from.

    • These are some of my favs! I love looking at their projects for inspiration.