DIY Fall Wreath from the Dollar Tree – Less than $7

Who doesn’t love fall? No one. Everyone loves fall. I can’t wait to enjoy fall in Spokane this year! Now I am not gonna go crazy with fall decor in my house (I’ll save the crazy for Christmas) but I did want a new wreath for my front door. The one hanging up previously was this one I made hereĀ a few months ago.

So here’s the scoop, all you need is an embroidery hoop, three Dollar Tree Pumpkins, and three Dollar tree floral stems. I found my embroidery hoop at a yard sale but I see them all the time at thrift stores for a buck or two. You can even split one hoop into two wreaths since theres an inner and outer hoop.

Watch the video tutorial below or hop over to my Youtube channel!

This project took less than $7 and only an hour to complete. Anyone can do it if you have a hot glue gun. It’s probably my most used craft supply. You can use it for just about everything crafty. In theory you could use tacky glue for this project but it will be a whole lot messier.

I am up to 8, yes 8, cheesy videos on my Youtube channel so if you missed one or two, I’d love for you to check them out.

Comment below your favorite fall traditions!

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DIY Fall Wreath from the Dollar Tree - Less than $7 from LindsayBakerCo

  • Kim Z

    How fun! I’m in Spokane as well, and I too can’t wait for the cooler weather and fresher air! I think we had to get rid of a lot of our Autumn decor when we moved, so I might give this a shot!

    • Fall is coming it gets cooler and cooler every night in Spokane! I can’t wait for Fall in Greenbluff!

  • Mala

    I am not crafty at all, but heck, this looks like something even I can do. Love how beautiful it looks too.

  • Moe

    Oh how great!! This looks so easy to do!! love how ethereal it looks too. Great job.

  • Gosh I love how simple and NOT tacky this is, (like all the other fall DIY things I see hahah) So chic!

  • Jenn Hall

    Super cute and easy! It is hard to find ideas for non-tacky dollar store crafts but this is a great one!

  • Kaylyn Rhea

    I love all things DIY (especially if you can do it from supplies at the $1 store!)