Fall Fever: Faux Leather Tote

 Isn’t it the worst when you find something online that links to nothing? Well I found this adorable leather tote on Pinterest that unfortunately linked to nowhere. I really liked the style and I love a challenge,  so I decided to make one similar myself. I scoped out Hancock Fabric’s for some discount faux leather to try this project out.






First the Supplies:


-I found this scrap pleather (faux leather)  I used approximately 1/2 a yard of it.

Matching Upholstery Thread, this is stronger than general thread which I read would be better for sewing with pleather.

Leather needle, heavier duty needle that is worth the $3. It makes it much easier to sew on pleather or denim. It just pierces straight through it.

Sharp scissors, the sharper the easier to cut the pleather. Dull ones will give it a wonky edge. We want a smooth clean cut.

Paper, Pencil, and Tape to make an easy pattern.

Making a Simple Pattern

 I taped two sheets of paper together to get the width I wanted. Then folded it in half to cut a symetrical curve.


Cutting Out the Fabric

It is key here to use tape to affix the pattern to the pleather. NO PINS. Pins will leave little holes in the faux leather and we don’t want that.

Then carefully and slowly cut out TWO copies of the patterns out on the pleather.


Time to Sew

First: With the wrong sides together and points along the top aligned,

sew straight down the outer edges reinforcing at both ends.


Second: Flip the bag inside out, aligning the top of the bag like a smiley face. This will leave the seams (we just sewed) matched up in the center of the bag. That is the style we are looking for.

Then sew straight across the bottom and I went over the stitches again to reinforce the bottom of the bag.

last step

The Strap

I wanted a rougher looking bag so I cut a strap that is 1/4 inch shorter than the matching ends of the tote bag. I also left the edges raw. You could do a double folded strap or hem it if you’d like.

It is important to stitch over and re-enforce the straps too.


Enjoy the Perfect Faux Fall Tote!

Perfect to pair with your favorite fall boots!

I made mine long enough to hold my sketch books, but it can be made to any dimensons.




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Leave me a message below if you’ve ever sewn with pleather. I have a few scraps I need to use up!

  • Cristina

    Alright, this is super cool!!! I’m going to try it!

    • lindsayscalco

      Thanks Cristina, you should definitely try it!

  • Katelin

    Love the bag! You even made it idiot proof for people like muah who can’t sew to save her life 🙂

    • lindsayscalco

      Thanks Katelin, you are a great artist and very creative, I am sure you can sew if you tried!!!

  • Pam S.

    I like this tote bag! Good choice!

    • lindsayscalco

      Thank you!

  • Pat

    I think you did a great job on this… and how wonderful that you can carry sketch books in there. Or even a laptop??

    • lindsayscalco

      Thank you! I can definitely fit my laptop in here too.

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