Bottle Opener Starburst Mirror

My Poppop was a collector of many things. One of the collections handed down to me was his Coca-Cola Collection. My dad recently acquired all of his bottle opener collection. We wanted to do something to display them creatively, so I came up with this starburst mirror. Once I found the perfect mirror (which actually took two months of searching) it came together better than imagined.

Bottle Opener Starburst Mirror

I knew I needed something heavy duty, with a metal frame, and something round. After searching thrift stores and department stores I finally found this one on Clearance at Kirkland’s. Only $9! #bargainshopper.

I taped a plate in the center of the mirror to use as a guide. The openers were all different sizes so I wanted them to line up more on the inside circle rather than the outside with the pointy ends out, to give it a starburst look. Then I went to town glueing them all on. Once it was dry, I was able to hang it buy the circle at the top of the mirror. Finally, I hung it on a screw with a drywall anchor because it was really heavy and we don’t want it coming down anytime soon.

I hung it up next to some of my favorite Coca-Cola pieces to remind me of my Poppop. He slowly sent me every piece of his collection, which my parents let me leave at their house (thanks mom & dad!).   Some of them were rusty and aged, but I left them like that, it just adds to it. I’d love to make more one day if I ever came across some more bottle openers because I love how it turned out. It is perfect for a man cave or tv room. I think this project does his collection justice.

I’d love to know what you collect, leave me a comment below and let me know!