Beach Ready Cover Up M7408

I was searching for a tunic pattern for forever, when I came across McCall’s 7408. I knew I had the perfect amount of this blue fabric to make the pattern happen. It turned out to a great cover up for summer.

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Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint Idaho

Since I live in the Inland Northwest, emphasis on the Inland part, I couldn’t exactly make it to a beachy beach. But we do have a ton of lakes around here. We went with our friend to Sandpoint, Idaho that had the perfect lakeside beach.Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint Idaho

Everything about Sandpoint is just picture perfect. I honestly think there are puzzles in the world with pictures of the lake on them. It was so beautiful and perfect. The water was clear and the skies were bluer than blue. We had the perfect Saturday morning there.

First we stopped at the Farmer’s market, then we went swimming in the lake. Oddly enough there is a mini statue of liberty there. Then we ate some of the best Mexican food we’ve had since moving here and ice cream in the cute downtown area. I share a lot of fun pics on Instagram.

I think after that Saturday in Sandpoint, I want to be a lake girl instead of a beach girl. The water isn’t salty. That 100% sold it for me. The beach area there only lasted about 10 feet, then there was grass across the park. Do you know how much easier it is to carry your stuff across grass instead of sand. It was amazing and the mountains off in the distance just sealed the deal.
Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint Idaho Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint Idaho Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint Idaho Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint IdahoThis coverup can be worn to the beach, lake, or even the pool. It’s large and comfy. I am not sure when else I’d wear it but it does make a great cover up.

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Beach Ready Cover Up M7408 + Sandpoint IdahoStandpoint, ID has got to be my new favorite beach. It was so fun and I didn’t even get sun burnt, which is a real feat for me! Where’s you favorite beach? Let me know below if you are a lake girl or a ocean girl!