Hi! My name is Lindsay Baker. I’m a young wife and I’m a recent college graduate so I’m still trying to figure this adulting thing out. I love sewing and making things. All the DIYs, all the time! Anyone else love that too? My husband loves to make things too so you’ll see a little bit of him sprinkled around here too.

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Sewing is my first love; I absolutely love wearing something handmade. My favorite clothes are ones that have love sewed straight into them. I started this blog featuring my many refashions and it’s evolved into so much more.

I’ve got the greatest husband ever. I’m a mil spouse and still living in the newlywed phase. My husband loves projects almost as much as I do, so we make a great team. Together we have…. a flock of chickens! That’s probably not what you were thinking I was gonna say, but it’s true. We live in the middle of a residential neighborhood where urban chickens are totally okay and it’s quite the adventure.

We used to live in Albuquerque, NM but are now stationed in Spokane, WA. That’s a whole new adventure for us. We love to travel and try new things. It’s quite different than the desert southwest.

This blog is formerly “The Crafty Disaster” but now it’s a little more than just crafty. I love, love, LOVE DIYs and arts n crafts, but I’ve expanded my blog to encompass a little bit more of my daily life.

For a little more about me, check out my instagram. There you’ll see a few more peaks into my life.

If videos are more your thing than be sure to check out my Youtube channel.